Pairing wine with Thai food

Dish and wine matching guide

red curry
Red curry; Mussaman, Red Duck Curry, Pad Nam Prik Pao (stir fried with roasted chili paste) : Merlot
green curry
Green curry : woody Chardonnay
Som Tam (green papaya salad) : Any dry white wines, off-dry for hot dish
Yum (salad) ; Yum Woon Sen (noodle salad), Yum Seafood, Yum Lab Meau Nang (chicken leg salad) : Rosé, Gewurztraminer
tom yum kung
Tom Yam Kung : Muscat, German Spätlese Riesling
Hor mok  - rybne curry parowane w kokosie
Hor Mok (steamed fish with curry paste) : sparkling wines; Champagne, Crémant or Sauvignon Blanc
Pad Thai : Pinot Noir
kai yang
Kai Yang (grilled meat) : Pinot Blanc, oaked Chardonnay or oaked Sauvignon Blanc
kao niaow ma maung
Kao Niaow Ma Muang (sticky rice with mango) : fortified wines; Tokaji Aszu, Vin Doux Naturel


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