Cinque Terre Wine

I spent a few days in Cinque Terre with my family. We have visited the five villages; Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. We hiked from Corniglia to Vernazza and Vernazza to Monterosso. I didn’t have time to visit any wineries but I didn’t miss trying some great wines from local restaurants.

Most of the vineyards in Cinque Terre are planted on steep slopes. The terraced vineyards, seemingly rise from the sea, offer a breathtaking panorama. Due to this topography, all of the work in the vineyards is done manually without any mechanical help.


The Cinque Terre wine is primarily white and dry made from Bosco, Albarola and Vermentino grapes. It’s an aromatic and refreshing wine. The wine offers delicate aromas of lemon tree, citrus and herbs with pleasant mineraltiy and salinity. The wine pairs perfectly with local seafood and pasta dishes. I have tried the amazing Costa da’ Posa and Costa de Campu from Cantina della Cooperative Agricoltura delle Cinque Terre. Theses are two of the three crus of Cinque Terre DOC together with Costa de Sèra. The district also produces a sweet wine Sciacchetrà which I sadly didn’t get a chance to taste.

When you are in Cinque Terre, I would suggest drinking local wines and go for whites! The Cinque Terre wines are made to be matched naturally with local cuisine. If you are a red-wine-drinker, there are some great wines from Levanto and Liguria region.

One thought on “Cinque Terre Wine

  1. Ciao Salisa — Nice post! I was also recently in Vernazza and had a chance to taste nearly a dozen of the local Cinque Terre DOC wines. My favorite was the Cantina Cinque Terre Costa da’ Posa 2015. I also really liked the Cheo whites (Perciò was delicious).

    If you’re interested, I wrote up a blog post as well called “Heroic Wines of the Cinque Terre” — you can take a look here:

    Happy travels!



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