Tasting of Thai wines

I have tried Thai wines for the first time on a flight back to Thailand with Thai Airways 8 years ago. I had zero knowledge of wine back then. However, I still remember that I wasn’t very impressed. This time, the experience was completely different. I have tasted two good wines from Granmonte winery. Some of Granmonte wines have won several awards from international wine competitions. Their 2014 Orient Syrah is a gold medalist of the 2016 Syrah du Monde.

I am proud to witness outstanding work of Granmonte winery. The story of Thai wine just began over 20 years ago. The very first bottle went on sale in 1995. It is obviously not an easy task to make good quality wines in Thailand. Harvesting grapes twice a year and finding right clones to fit the tropical climate require investment, dedication and experimentations. I am thrilled to see the advancement of Thai wine industry.

File_000 (6)

The 2009 Orient Syrah, a medium-bodied and fairy simple wine with lovely aromas of dark fruits and spices. On the palate, bold tannins, clean flavor of black cherries with pepper and coffee overtones. The wine has a short finish. It is a well-balanced wine but lack of concentration and depth. I have found the wine interesting but not exciting. It is a good quality wine that entitles the recognition. However, I would expect it to deliver more unique characters that show its origin.

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The 2014 Durif (Petite Sirah) is impressive. It is a lighter body of Durif which makes it drinkable at a young age. The wine has a good mouthfeel with aromas of blueberries and fig. On the palate, I tasted juicy plum with a hint of dark chocolate wrapped in smooth tannins. It is vibrant and more characterful than the Orient Syrah. The finish, however, is rather short. I was so happy that I could get my hands on this bottle because there are only 1 243 bottles produced.

4 thoughts on “Tasting of Thai wines

  1. There is another Thai wine from a vinyard in Vang Nam Kiaw named Chateau De Brum. You should try it.


  2. Thank you Salisawinejournal for visiting (?) us and tasting & writing about our 2 wines. I’ll send link to our oenologist/winemaker, Nikki, who is now in Adelaide, South Australia, attending a wine conference. I’m sure she would be very pleased to read and perhaps has comments on your finding of the wines.

    One point though, I found it’s very disturbing that you use photo of elephant working in the vineyard to start your article, which is not real for Thai vineyard. No Thai vineyard use elephant for vineyard work. You may not know about this. That photo is from a vineyard in Hua Hin and taken for publicity purpose. Actually they use elephant for tourist pay-for-a-ride too.

    At GranMonte we have policy not to use animal for hard labour work to make income out of that !

    Thanks and Regards,

    Visooth Lohitnavy
    CEO & Managing Director,
    GranMonte Vineyard and Winery


    1. Thank you for visiting my blog. Hope you enjoyed reading the post. I am sorry that the use of the photo with elephant disturbs you. I had no intention of highlighting elephant’s work in the vineyard. I’m well aware that it isn’t real. For me, it’s just a wonderful photo and I simply wanted to show how beautiful the Thai vineyard is. All comments I received on the photo are positive. People are happy to see the national animal blends with viticulture. I got your point on working elephant and totally agree that we shouldn’t use and make profit out of them.


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