Stop drinking beer and try sparkling wine with Thai food

I used to only order beer with Thai food. I didn’t care to look at wine list. When I did want to, I didn’t know what to choose. The taste components of Thai dishes are complexes. You can’t just pick white wine with white meat or red wine with red meat. Things seem complicated and confusing. The only chance you can pick a perfect wine for your Thai meal is getting a sommelier to tell you what to do. Otherwise, beer is a safe bet.

Beer works very well with Thai food, no doubt about it. It has malty sweetness, bitterness, citrusy, yeasty, fruity flavors and bubbles to complement and contrast with multi-flavors in Thai cuisine. It is also wonderfully refreshing for the heat. If you like drinking beer with Thai food, you should definitely try sparkling wine. It has the same abilities to pair successfully with Thai food, just as the beer does.

Sparkling wine is more versatile than you realize. Low alcohol or lightly sweet sparkling wines almost always can be served with a variety of Thai dishes. The bubbly wines pair amazingly with Thai food because they:

  • Clean-off the palate; oil, fat, spice
  • Offset the heat
  • Stimulate the taste
  • Bubbles accentuate and refresh
  • Add textural interest and contrast for crispy fried food
  • Wash down the salty dish
  • Make temperature and textural contrast to hot soup

It’s time to get unique and change your classic beer food pairing. Try sparkling wine with Thai food and you will not be disappointed.

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