Expensive wine is a waste of money

Some expensive wines come from famous vineyards or producers. It is important to understand that when you pay a premium price, you also pay for marketing, which means you pay for brand image and reputation.

Expensive wines are not necessarily taste better. Just because a wine is more expensive does not mean it derives more enjoyment. The fact is, there is no direct correlation between the price of wine and its quality.  Even though expensive wines really taste better, would you be able to tell? If not, you rely purely on a price tag.

If you want to spend a lot of money on high scoring wines, make sure you understand what it is all about. The point scores can dramatically make wines pricier. The critics who rate wines are trained professionals. They have tasting ability that allows them to be able to analyze each technical aspect and appreciate the delicate difference in wines. If you do not have an educated palate or sense of taste like they do, you will definitely be disappointed of what you pay for. A non-expert drinker is less likely to get the full ecstasy from high scoring bottles. So why bother buying 90-point wines and paying so much attention to what the critics say when you can not tell the difference?

Another thing that bothers me about expensive wines is, they are predictable. You have heard so much about them and so you expect them to be good or exceptional. Some expensive wines can be extremely enjoyable, however, they rarely surprise. This is why I prefer buying inexpensive bottles that come with excitements than those expensive ones. It always feels great to taste a cheap wine that delivers so much for the price. An emotional surprise that expensive wines will never be able to deliver.

I do have some pricey bottles. Am I still overjoyed at what I have? well, honestly, not anymore.

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