Tips for wine and Asian food pairings

Mind these tips when matching wines with Asian dishes. 

  • The hotter the dish, the lower-alcohol the wine should be.
  • Tannic wines do not work with food that is heavily spiced (dark spices) and have bitter elements.
  • Fortified sweet wines work well with fermented ingredients.
  • Acidity of dry wines often accentuate chili sensations.
  • Pair dry white wines with salty and umami dishes.
  • High acid wines help to penetrate fat to reveal flavors in oily dishes.
  • Avoid sweet wines with oily dishes.
  • Pair nutty and oaked wines with food featuring sesame oil, coconut and peanut curries.
  • Match fruity and tart wines with salty dishes.
  • Sweet wines compliment spices, tone down the heat, and also balance any bitterness.
  • Low-tannin wines for strong flavored and spicy dishes.
  • Sparkling wines for salty and crispy fried food.
  • Pair off-dry or sweet wines with hot and sour soups.
  • Do not try to match chili-rich dishes with high-tannin wines.
  • Sparkling wine has cleansing action for chili piquancy.
  • The sweeter the dish, the sweeter the wine should be.
  • Tannic red wines are perfect match for meat and creamy dishes.
  • It is not necessary to always mirror sour tastes in food with acid wines.
  • Off-dry wines for sour dishes.
  • Choose weighty dry white wines with higher alcohol for dishes that are predominantly sweet.
  • For communal dining (many dishes are served at the same time and shared by everyone at the table), avoid big, tannic reds and oaky whites.
Some great pairings by country

Vietnam / Spring Roll > Graves, Saint-Aubin, Alsace Pinot Blanc

Korea / Beef Bulgogi > Bandol Rosé, Cru Beaujolais

Japan / Sushi > Riesling, Muscadet, Chablis, white Saint-Joseph

India / Tandoori Chicken > Cru Beaujolais, Pouilly-Fumé

Thailand / Tom Yum Goong > Muscat, German Spätlese Riesling

China / Beijing Roast Duck > Burgundy, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Rioja

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