Université du Vin

I can not tell my story without talking about this place. This is where it started. Every single day I spent at the Université du Vin made it all clear in my head what I want to do for a living. A few months ago, I did not know where to go with my career path until I found Sommerlier-Conseil, Caviste program.

The Université du Vin is housed by the beautiful renaissance Château de Suze-la Rousse. I remember so well when I was driving to school and as I looked ahead of me, I saw this magnificent Château. It was such a great feeling to go to classes and learn about things that inspire you. We did loads of wine and spirit tastings from old world and new world. We did so many that I couldn’t even count. I met amazing people. Some of them will be in my life forever. Laura, a girl from Mauritius and Claire, they are just incredibly nice, sweet and kind. We have shared and been through things. I had so much fun with them. These people made my time at the Université du Vin unforgettable.

The great thing about this program is, it brought together different people from different backgrounds but they are all driven by the same passion for wine. I have had the best classmates I could have asked for. The Université du Vin has not only given me the diploma certifying my expertise but also one of the best experience in my life. I am so grateful for being part of it.

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